Timing is Everything

My boredom at work reaches new heights… Liturally!

My boredom at work reaches new heights… Liturally!

I made a bracelet for a special someone!

I made a bracelet for a special someone!

Haven’t posted anything on here for ages!!! 


Here is my current uni project, so far from finished!

Pickering market place, rather quaint with the sun set!

Pickering market place, rather quaint with the sun set!

paintbrush-and-rockandroll said: Well at least we have something in common there ;p That seems like a good idea though, I wish you luck with that but I'm sure it will go fine! You're much more planned out than me though, I've wanted to be a tattoo artist for as long as I can remember (with some help from watching a LOT of LA Ink ;) ) but there is a big problem, I sort of hate needles which isn't going to help much haha! :P

haha i like to plan things :P means i actually get them done!! haha. Ahh nice, i hate needles too so i couldn’t do that even if i wanted :/

paintbrush-and-rockandroll said: Sounds amazing! It actually seems really amazing, mind you I'd probably be awful at it, but give me a pen and paper and I'll draw you anything haha! What you planning to do after uni then? :)

I love drawing! it is an amazing course :P Well im hoping to start my own business with a good friend in the same subject area. Fingers crossed it will go well! 

paintbrush-and-rockandroll said: (whoops, forgot that I don't log in on tumblr when I'm on my phone so I came up anonymous sorry! Hi I'm Cassie btw :D ) That's like digital art / effects and stuff right? I'm not that sure sorry you might have to fill me in about them subjects aha! :)

No worries :) Yeah its CGI, digital painting, animation and video compositing! i love it :D 

Anonymous said: Ah sweet, can't wait! What are you studying in uni? :)

Im studying VFX and Concept Design

Anonymous said: Fine I forgive you (for the lack of vlogs) haha! How are you? :)

Thank you :) I will record a Vlog later this weekend if i can! Im great, Just preparing to go back to uni for second year!!! :D

xeneminie said: How did you discover that skating helps you with tourettes?

It took a while, but it began when i started skating, i would have less tics, so i started skating more and it got better and better! I decided to try and developmentally using mind over matter to connect skating with no tis, and 5 years later it works perfectly :)

Anonymous said: You can't make one vlog and never do one ever again, that's not how it works! ;)

I know i know, haha :) I need to get back round to doing some more, just haven’t had time!

roboheartbeat said: Do you have a henna tattoo in your last vlog? :D

yeah i do :) i love henna! means i never have to decided on a set tattoo design!! 

caprani said: We should have a VLOG off.

Challenge accepted! 

My fist Vlog… Short but more to come :)

Anonymous said: Hey, I've heard that you make friends by hitting them round the face with garlic bread. Is this true? Does it have to be just plain garlic bread or can it be the cheesy one too? Can we be friends without the ever present threat of garlic bread? :)

HHAHAHAHAHA is this kat? and if its not, then yes we can be friends without the ever imposing threat of garlic bread! you know though its always an ice breaker :P